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Carl Alstrup

By Jesper Tveden 

This book is in Danish.

Biografi + cd med Carl Alstrup sange og monologer

The cheers would not end when revue actor Carl Alstrup (1877-1942) appeared on stage with his whimsical and funny ditties. He was the great comedian of the time who took audiences by storm when he sang Maggidudi or Bobby, your hair must be hurting. Today he is remembered especially for Manden på risten – a ditty about the poor man's pleasures on the grid outside a restaurant. But Carl Alstrup was far from content with his career as a revue star. He had no greater desire than to be a serious actor, because he believed that there should be a balance between the comical and the tragical. In the early 1920s he tried himself as a serious actor by appearing in Shakespeare's Othello and Dumas' Kean, but the harsh criticisms led him into a deep abyss. Not until after many years of struggle, he managed to get his breakthrough as a character actor in Den gode soldat Svejk. It has often been said that the revue genre is the hardest of them all. For Carl Alstrup the revue genre was the hardest to break free from. This biography tells the story of how he did it.

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