Multivers, founded in 1998, encompasses a variety of universes such as literature, philosophy, religion, psychology, and cultural history.

Multivers focuses on three distinct areas of publishing:

Multivers Non-fiction publishes essays, non-fiction, textbooks, dissertations, and scientific monographs for academic and general audiences.

Multivers Fiction publishes high-quality fiction, including classics and modern works. Authors include Hans Christian Andersen, Maj-Britt Boa, Mads Brenøe, Dante, John Fellow, Leif Hasle, Ernst Bruun Olsen, Petrarca, and Marcel Proust.

Multivers Academic provides a professional publishing outlet for graduates and academic experts, utilizing traditional printing and modern print-on-demand techniques. Multivers works with the author to obtain grants to fund the publishing process.

Forlaget Multivers ApS
Regnbuepladsen 7, 4
1550 Copenhagen V

Tel. +45 7026 8066