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Canzoniere - sangenes bog

By Francesco Petrarca

2. edition

This book is in Danish.

In Danish verses and with commentary by Søren Sørensen. Il Canzoniere – some scattered rhymes on the people's own language, that is what Petrarca called his world famous sonnets, canzoni, sestinas, ballads and madrigals. Here lies, for the first time in Danish, a complete version of the work – provided with notes and commentary. It is a kind of lyrical record of the poet's life and tribulations from the Good Friday morning in 1327 where he sees two black eyes in St. Clara's Church in Avignon until his last years in northern Italy. Donna Laura's death during the great plague epidemic in 1348 is a focal point in the poems: as long as she's alive, he can write on the hope that she would surrender to him and accept his longing for her love; when she is dead the poems are carried by the hope that they can meet in the afterlife. Since the release the existence and person of Donna Laura has been eagerly discussed. Researchers today lean towards explaining her as a fictional character, a pretext for peotry. He himself claimed to skeptical friend "I wish that were true", because then he would have been freed from much agony.

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