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Christiania Year 1 – The Melting Pot

By Ole Henriksen

This book is double-languaged – both English and Danish.

"In the famous, infamous, damned and adored ero of the 60s, Copenhagen was one of the world's capitals where alternative and oppositional underground scenes were developing wildly in a multitude of ways. Belief in a de-centralized and autonomous participatory democracy was growing. It was an experimental time, in good ways, and in bad ways. The different scenes harboured music, film, art, theatre – new forms of expression and images were created, and subsequently changed our culture for good.

Christiania was one of these scenes. Ole Henriksen's book offers a look into texts and ideas from the particular underground scene that created Christiania, and also documentation of Christiania's visual culture from 40 years ago.

This is important documentation, in a cultural and historical context. The dream of a more beautiful and diverse society still lives on in Ole Henriksen's text and photo archive." – Bjørn Nørgaard

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