Samling med egen Rembrandt – En museumsbiografi over en praktisk idealist Maximize

Samling med egen Rembrandt – En museumsbiografi over en praktisk idealist

By Louise C. Larsen

This book is in Danish.

Johannes Hage was the initiative man who went to war throughout life. As a 1864 veteran he volunteered to go into the battlefield both as a 56- and 72-year-old, and he approach the field of art in the same way. In this field he ended up starting his own art museum. What was thought to be a contribution in changing to changing conditions at National Gallery of Denmark, instead became a positive provocation based on his own goods: Nivaagaard's Painting Collection.
Idealism and practical sense were two of the main ingredients in Johannes Hage (1842-1923), made possible by his afther, the merchant Alfred Hage, who had understood the son's neds to give and thus created the framework for his great in great initiatives. The Hage family were corn merchants with a sense of judgment and responsibility, and there is a straight line from the parent generation's role in the introduction of the constitution to Johannes Hage's understanding of enlivening art. Johannes Hage's art collection consisted of great names found in just few years around 1900 in a process, where he involved great museum men and connoisseurs from all over Western Europe. Like the parent generation before him he saw his country and its culture in an international perspective, and thus he made sure to have the newest art historic research engaged with his pieces of art. In this Rembrandt played a great role. 

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