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Visuel kultur – viden, liv, politik

Edited by Hans Dam Christensen and Helene Illeris

This book is in Danish.

We live in a visual culture. Pictures and other visualization forms have always been important for human communication and understanding of the world, but in recent decades has really taken off, partly because new media technologies have made it easier to produce and distribute pictures. Based on today's visual complexity studies of visual culture have established as a research field, that crosses traditional disciplines within humanistic and social science.
Visuel kultur – viden, liv, politik gives a broad view into how visual culture is practiced in Danish research – a field, as notion and as foundation for asking new questions to a reality, that is increasingly visualized. The book provides a comprehensive introduction as well as 25 chapters written by researchers from various knowledge fields, including sociology, pedagogics, media science and art history. The chapters are divided into three sections:
Visuel viden – on how knowledge is obtained and structured through perception and pictures
Visuelt liv – on how visuality has significance for modern constitution of identity
Visuel politik – on how political values and events are shaped and expressed through pictures. 

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