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Abell blomstrer ikke for enhver

By Lisbet Jørgensen, Isabella Hercel and Katrine Brøgger Spelt


This book is in Danish.

11 articles on Kjeld Abell edited by Lisbeth Jørgensen, Isabella Hercel and Katrine Brøgger Spelt. Kjeld Abell (1901-1961) is a central figure in the modern Danish cultural history. As director of Tivoli in the challenging years of the war and the years following the war, he got several of his regular partners, including Poul Henningsen, in as artists in the old garden As theater painter, ballet librettist and playwright, he was part of the avant-garde which renewed and retheatricalized the Danish theater. But he got himself in a tight spot during the Cold War, as a sympathizer of communism, and his status transformed from celebrated radical culture figure to suspecious outsider. This rollercoaster ride can be read in the way his life and work has been interpreted through time. On the occasion of Kjeld Abell's 100th anniversary the 25th of August 2001, Institute for History of Art, Dance and Theater Science at University of Copenhagen held a seminar on Kjeld Abell. This book contain the 11 contributions from the speakers at the seminar. It starts with an introduction to Kjell Abell's life and work and ends with a section, that ties together all the points from the seminar. The order of the articles is thematically decided. The first five articles uncover all parts of Abell's multifacetted work, the next four are reading of dramas, while the last two have an analytical perspective related to society.

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176 sider – 2002