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En anden dans

By Karen Vedel

This book is in Danish.

Modern stage dancing in Denmark 1900-1975.
History of stage dancing in Denmark has thus far been described as one of ballet – in the sense The Royal Ballet – history. But also stage dancing outside of The Royal Theater constitutes an exuberant field in Danish culture. In En anden dans Karen Vedel focuses on the years 1900-1975. Across the traditional hierarchical distinction between high culture and popular culture in this book she includes dancing events that took place not only at theater, revue and guest performance scenes, but also dance school, in the press and other media. She tells about the dancing girls of the revue, barefoot dancing, plastic and Russian ballet, free dance with influence from Central Europe, tour performances with so-called 'negro dancing' and the American phenomenon known as modern dance. Common to the reception is the combination of fascination and repulsion with which the reviewers reacted to the new alternative and modern.

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