Kundrys afspejlinger – Parsifal 1882 – Salome 1905 – Lulu 1937 Maximize

Kundrys afspejlinger – Parsifal 1882 – Salome 1905 – Lulu 1937

By Nila Parly

This book is in Danish. 

In Richard Wagner's last opera, "Parsifal", one of opera history's most enigmatic female figures appears: Kundry who can change form from wild and barbaric horsewoman to a seductive flower girl and on to the penitent sinner. She is an unfathomable, complex character who holds great wisdom, great will and much life experience; a messenger between separate worlds, a catalyst for action, with Wagner's own words a 'wonderful world demonic woman who both hurts and helps. Kundry's power of fascination is reflected in several places in European history of art and music. Her renewed and changed outline shows itself most notably in two other significant operas: Richard Strauss's "Salome" and Alban Berg's "Lulu", each of which shocked their contemporaries and still works on a contemporary audience. In this book three different female figures are portrayed and analyzed with emphasis on their interdependence. The musical analysis is central, but supplemented with comparison to the cultural history surrounding the works. Kundrys afspejlinger s a revised version of a thesis from the University of Copenhagen Music Sciences Institute, where the author is a PhD Fellow.

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192 pages – 2004