Støjens æstetik Maximize

Støjens æstetik

By Torben Sangild

This book is in Danish.


Noise can be aesthetic and seductive, and noise can bring music further and open to new experiences. This became clear in the 20th century when music embraced noise. This book tells what noise is and which role it has had in music. It tells the story of noise's entried music from 1913 until today, with a focus on 1980s postpunk. The book zooms in on 4 selected noise rock bands – Sonic Youth, The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Band of Susans – and treats contemporary electronica with genres like "glitch" and "extreme noise". The author also philosophically reflects on noise in relation to notions like the sublime, the dionysian, the heterogeneous, the abjectal and the manyfold. The focus is on the sensual – how music is experienced and can be experienced if one opens to it. But there is also a sharp eye on the historical, philosophical and artistic possibilities and limitations of noise. One of the points is that the sensual meaning of noise is partly dependent on the musical context it is situated in, noise is for instance not always something heavy, but can also be associated with some soft and sensual.

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128 pages – 2003