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Ind i Prousts værk – 19 læsninger i På sporet af den tabte tid

By Det Danske Proust-selskab (The Danish Proust Society)

This book is in Danish.

Edited by Leif Hasle, Helga Schmidt and Connie Selmann.

This book offers both overflight at high altitudes and a train ride around the Proust landscape with nineteen stations, each with its own quotation from På sporet af den tabte tid (eng.: In Search of Lost Time). And there is no whistle of departure, before a passionate reader has told his immutable meaning and glued the town's badge on the trunk: 'the moment of creation', 'the unlimited remembrance', 'the happy promise of reading', 'golf with Proust', 'the time-set consciousness', 'a walk in the Bois de Boulogne', 'the art of travelling', 'phenomena of memory', 'underground salons', 'the diplomat Norpois, 'conversions in emotional life', 'seven days with Albertine' – and 'in bed with her', 'Bergotte's death', 'an evening excursion in Paris', 'wrinkly-masquerade', 'strawberry and Christmas tree', 'seven fragmentary reflections' – and 'timelessness, the real nature of thing and the meaning of literature.' There you go – climb on!

Article writers:

  • Eva Bendix
  • Jaques Berg
  • Jørn Boisen
  • Henrik Borberg
  • Torben Brostrøm
  • Jørgen Bruhn
  • Judy Gammelgaard
  • Henning Goldbæk
  • Annie Chaplin Hansen
  • Leif Hasle
  • Morten Jensen
  • Klaus Høeck
  • Bent Haakonsen
  • Nils Soelberg
  • Louise Svanholm
  • Jacob Ulrich
  • Neal Ashley Conrad Thing
  • Kirsten Thorup
  • Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg

Published on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Det Danske Proust-selskab (The Danish Proust Society).

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