Præsteklæder – Liturgien, præsten, håndværket Maximize

Præsteklæder – Liturgien, præsten, håndværket

Af Hanne Frøsig Dalgaard

This book is in Danish.


"Præsteklæder" is a key to understanding the the priest's robe and collar, which for 500 years has been the priest's clothes in Denmark – originally a folk costume of the clergy, but more and more with the character of uniform. In church services the priest dresses himself in the mass clothes, white mass shirt and chasuble or sometimes stole. Bishops can wear robes. For vestments and bishop robes we have during the 1900s seen the start of an explosive innovation and enthusiasm, which has not had its equal, since the Reformation in the 1500s gave rise to a new and special Danish development. This richness of ceremonial costumes has since 1922 been made in collaboration between priests, parish councils and craftsmen. "Præsteklæder" is the first book that describes this part of our church history. It can be a useful guide for all those responsible for church property and for anyone with an interest in service.

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112 pages – 2003

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