Med fuld natursandhed – Henrik Ibsen som teatermann Maximize

Med fuld natursandhed – Henrik Ibsen som teatermann

By Live Hov

This book is in Norwegian.

Henrik Ibsen's relationship to contemporary theater forms the book's approach. The theme includes Ibsen's extensive work in the theater, his views on the art of acting and his relations to individual actors. The book begins with a brief chapter on Ibsen's relation to the performing arts vs. literature, in the eyes of himself and others. Another chapter is based on Ibsen's stage directions, "silent but speaking". Scene instructions are considered here as the playwrights "play directives" for actors and directors, while they are also analysed as expressions of his conscious utilization of theater instruments. In the last chapter the conflict between Ibsen's wish for a more scenic realism and the earlier idealism in the theater is discussed. The book as a whole is historically inclined, in the sense that Ibsen's own life forms the temporal framework for its presentation. It is thus intended as a contribution to the 1800s history of theater and culture, where Ibsen as a theater man plays the lead.

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