EDGE. 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education

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By Anette Göthlund, Helene Illeris, Kirstine W. Thrane (eds.). 
Co-editors: Gunnhildur Una Jónsdóttir and Taneli Tuovinen

In EDGE: 20 Essays on Contemporary Art Education you can explore texts and visuals that focus on contemporary social, cultural, aesthetic and philosophical issues in art education. The anthology is written by 30 Nordic and Baltic researchers, artists and teachers. An extensive introduction establishes vital themes such as relational art practices, arts-based research and visual culture, and through concrete examples from educational and artistic practices the essays explore art education both in theory and in practice. The authors adopt contemporary approaches such as the concept of experience, multimodality, disability studies, poetic function, museum studies, collaborative writing, social constructions, A/r/tography and performance ethnography. Together the 20 essays in EDGE offer new tools for teachers, researchers and artists to question and develop the role of art education in contemporary societies.

An edge provides a dividing line, separating here from there, the known from the unknown. The overall perspective of this book is based on a movement that has drawn the authors closer to the edges than to a centre for art education. Research is here understood as the production of new ways of sensing and understanding the world. Both in form and content you will experience curiosity when faced with the ambiguous and a lack of fear of failure. In this way EDGE aims to inhabit the field of art education by questioning it from within and by investigating how perspectives and themes can be explored in creative and innovative ways.

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Anette Göthlund, Helene Illeris, Kirstine W. Thrane