Social Welfare – The Danish Model

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By Bjarne Hastrup

The Danish social welfare model has helped place Denmark solidly among the leading countries in the Western world.

Social Welfare — The Danish Model charts the dynamics between the public sector, the business sector and the civil sector. These are the three main actors in the continued negotiations about the Danish model; it is through their agreement (and disagreement) that new and improved versions of the model emerge in support of the country’s progress and competitive advantage. And – not least – in support of a society that is a decent society for all.
Bjarne Hastrup (MSc. Political Science) is Managing Director and Co-Founder of DaneAge Association, and a Director of DaneAge Foundation. He is very active in the social welfare debate in Denmark and has written a number of books and articles on this topic. He also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the Danish social welfare model and social welfare economics at the University of Copenhagen.

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